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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Mother City

Lagos (EKO) a place of wisdom
A place of Money
A place of wealth
No river can flow like the Eti-osa
No Lagoon can be as beautiful as Ehingbeti
Eko of Adele,kosoko,Dosunmu,Oyekan
Akiolu 1 may your reign be so long,so,sweet.
Balogun & Idumota are all traders delight
chike comes there from the east
Adamu from the North
Osaro from Benin
Everyone comes to feed on the motherly milk
Eko Ile
Eko Wenjele
A ro dede ko ma ma jaa
Eko a r' omi sa legbe legbe
Eko Agogoro Eyo
Moyo fun e, mo yoo fun ra mi
EKO Asiwaju Tinubu
Eko Fashola
No place like Lagos
The Mother city

Monday, December 13, 2010

BRF: 'A beautiful new face of Lagos'

BRF: 'A beautiful new face of Lagos' http://www.shvoong.com/society-and- news/2087290-brf-beautiful-new-face-lagos/

In the long run to the primary elections or selection of the governorship candidate of the then Action Congress for the Lagos State gubernatorial elections,in 2007, one new name rings a bell. The name was FaSHOLA. Tongues were set wagging by this Un known and Un popular choice. What's up with Asiwaju of Lagos, Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu. What happened to known faces like Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi,Barrister Muiz Banire, Femi Pedro etc. What did Asiwaju see in this new name?
With absolute loyalty to the party, thousands of the then Action Congress, party faithfuls went out enmasse to cast their votes for the party's choice.

Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) won the Lagos gubernatorial elections with what i called an earthquake victory.
Little did i know that the name Fashola is symbolic with earthquaking events. Since May,2007, the new Governor of Lagos was buzzing like a bee! Ground breaking events are taking place in Lagos. Lagosians cant wait to see what's coming up!
On March 17,2008 the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses were rolled out. Lagos roads can never be the same again. It was blue buses all over the roads. what a beautiful scenery! What a beautiful experience! Lagosians thanked and lauded the efforts of the Lagos State government.

BRT buses run on a dedicated lane from Mile 12 to Ketu,Ojota,maryland,anthony bus stop,Ilupeju,Obanikoro palmgroove,Onipanu,Fadeyi,to barracks,stadium bus stop,Leventis,Cms and finally end the journey at TBS,race course the last bus stop. The journey is a long stretch from the Hinterland, to mainland and end on the Island.The buses run everyday from 0600 hours to 2200 hours. The BRT Project is a tripartite arraingement between the state government
NURTW- National Union of Road Transport workers and ECO Bank. No wonder all parties involved are working smart to ensure the success of the BRT services. On Tuesday, March 17,2009 during the first year anniversary of the BRT services in Lagos,Governor Fashola told a gathering of enthusiastic stakeholders that the BRT services have been a huge success.

Lagosians infromed him that they were happy for enjoying a new safer,cheaper and comfortable means of transportation in Lagos.
Though a red coloured buses called the LAGBUS was launched in Lagos since March 2007,from all indications,it seems the BRT buses brought a healthy competition and a big boost to the transport sector in Lagos. The Managing Director/CEO of LAGBUS Mr Mobereola was sitting on the dignitaries table with Governor Raji Fashola during the BRT first year anniversary held at the LTV 8 Blue roof at Ikeja,Lagos State.

Oshodi,a high density area known to many Lagosians for its endless human traffic,boisterous trading and human activities is getting a new lease of life! Lagosians just woke up one morning and saw what i would like to call a BRF overnight wonder! All the shanties were gone! Illegal shops and kiosks were removed!Oshodi that hitherto looked like a small place is now looking anew! A journey from Iyana Ipaja that hitherto terminates at Bolade bus stop because human & vehicular traffic made the road impassable are now ending at the designated bus stop at Oshodi. Most vehicles coming
from Alagbado bus stop,Iyana Ipaja that hitherto ply Ikorodu road on a journey to Surulere are now riding straight to Surulere through Oshodi... Street lights beamed like the shinning rays of the sun! Members of the MOPOL were drafted in to quell any uncivilized disobedience. At least one armoured tank is stationarily parked at Oshodi. As the shanties have gone,it seems there is no hiding place for the area boys.Since May 2007 Governor RaJI Fashola has become the refrence point on how to govern the people of Nigeria at all tiers of government.
Taxation a productive and sustainable means of generating income into the coffers of government is getting a media buzz in Lagos! Just as work on how to make paying Tax so easy online was created for all Lagosians. Paying Tax off line into the state Tax offices also got a big boost. The Internally generated revenue (IGR) has jumped from 10bn to 14bn since June, 2009.

Major roads projects are going on in Badagry, Orile, Cms to Obalende etc and will be launched in December 2010 or January 2011. Plans are also on to commence BRT Services in Badagry. BRT dedicated lanes have also been created to run through Murtala Muhammad Way via Ikorodu road and Yaba bus stop. Agricultural Youth employment scheme was created to train qualified youths who have passion for Agriculture. An Independent power plant (IPP) was built and dedicated to boosting water services in Lagos.Governor Raji Fashola said that there are plans to build more Independent power plants.
Speed boats and ferries services were also started to take traffic jams off Lagos roads, especially for journeys from Lagos to Ikorodu & Epe and other riverine areas. Lately,Light rails project are in progress and according Governor Raji Fashola the services might become a reality in Lagos sooner than later.

His humility, services and leadership qualities have earned him praises from President Umar Musa Yar'Adua of blessed memory, Ambassador (Dr) Robin Renee Sanders, former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria,majority of Lagosians and many people too mumerous to mention. Abraham Lincoln said that 'Almost any man can survive adversity,If you really want to test the might of a man give him power' Governor Fashola can be reached via SMS on your phone. Lately Governor Babatunde RaJI FASHOLA has landed on Facebook. He is a big testimony of a true democracy in Nigeria and indeed Africa. His love for the people, respect for democratic institutions and his struggles to provide the dividends of democracy for the people, is a justification of Abraham Lincoln philosophy that 'Democracy is government of the people, for the people and by the people'

Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Canaan city

Oh Calabar the Canaan city
The land of beautiful virgins
Of beauty color and glamour
A rich cultural heritage
Ageless tradition
Of Efik fashion & style
A Tongue twister language
The Colourful Ekpe dancers
Gyration of beauty & brawn
The home of monarchial Obong
Of Akpan Bassey, Essien,Edem, Eyo & Ita
Onari, Uduak,nkoyo & their sensational beauty
Irrestisible sweet Edikaikang
Delicious and sumptious Affang
A long tradition of cleanliness
Service and honesty
Donald Duke and his distinguished services
Liyel Imoke and his double honours
A first class Tourist destination
Obudu the cattle ranch of wonder
Tinapa the FUNTASTIC galore

Friday, October 29, 2010

Paul:The famous psychic Octopus.......


Though I am working on a different blog titled 'Back to square one' the demise of Paul the famous psychic Octopus can not be ignored! The soccer world can not forget in a hurry how Paul thrilled us to a thrilling spectacle, last summer during the first world cup held on African soil. Though Paul lived at a museum at Oberhauzeum in Germany;and petted by the German National team, his infallible predictions about the outcome of all the matches played by the Budweiser,German national team made him an instant 'GOD' so to speak!Paul became even more popular with the prediction of the final match between the La furia roja, the spanish, national team and the Netherland.Many people thought that the Netherland national team should be third time lucky.They have played twice at the final of the world cup, in 1974 and 1978,but they have never won the world cup! Spain have never played in the final match of a world cup. The best they have done was in the semi-final, long time ago! so the Netherland supporters just wont accept Paul's prediction! One of them told me that 'I am suporting Netherland to win the world cup this time', i dont care about what Paul, the Octopus said, in fact I am going to battle with him spiritually! I smiled! Look at the passion of the Football/soccer enthusiast. He is not even a citizen of Netherland, He is Nigerian!

Interestingly Paul's prediction came true, the match was explosive, yet Spain beat Netherland 1-0 to pick their first ever world cup. Unbelievable how could an animal be so accurate!Paul gave the first world cup on African soil a befitting side attraction!The spanish national team thanked Paul for believing in them. They wanted Paul transferred to Spain at any costs that may be demanded by the owners of Oberhauzeum, in Germany. I think Paul has thought us that humans should learn to uphold animal rights!

We must realize that caring for any harmless creature that has life is a task that must be done alwayz, and we could be rewarded like Paul did to Soccer lovers all over the world! The owners of the museum where Paul lived are planning to erect a permanent tomb for PAUL. I cant wait to see Paul's tomb in Germany! If you were asked to write an Epitaph for Paul? What would you write?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New blog order

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With the avalanche of readable blogs on the internet,the creation of personalized web ME, besides the additional commercial value for the blogger,the advertizers and the products, there is no doubt that something is anew, and it is in the air! Little wonder many people from all walks of life are now blogging.It is a universal platform for everyone to air their views,Un censored, Un fettered, yet rewarding! Every decade really has its invention! In the 70s it was the microwave, In the 80s it was the cell phones/VCR. In the 90s it was the Computer/Internet.In 2000, at the turn of a new millenium it was the health care products and In 2010,i think. I am thinking fast, that,it is a new blog order!In those decades, no lifestyle was complete without any of these gadgets! I am not suprised that the same phenomenon is scheming out now. Businesses,Institutions, religous, Academia,print/Electronic media, dating sites, diplomats and of course other individuals are now blogging!Blogging is really good, especially for those voices that ordinarily wont be heard,for the oppressed and the deprived in every communty to scream at their assailants, to do at least a micro blog to air their views and get solutions to their problems.Since the creation of Universal declaration of human rights was adopted by the UN in 1948,especially on human rights to freedom of expression, it is a new blog order that is really fitting to the real freedom of expression!Before now an aggrieved cant really be heard! Though the Print/Electronic media have platforms for peoples opinion,the media is sometimes censored and gagged by goverment! The media may even stifle or distort peoples opinion.Now with a new blog order, blogs are easy and free tool for public opinion! There has never been a blog black out,so to speak! LOL.It is a new place to be!Little wonder,Bill Gates,the richest man in the world and the founder of Microsoft,said that the 'Internet is the gold rush of today, If your business is not there, you are not yet in business'

Friday, October 22, 2010

Everybody's worry.........................................................................................................

Why do we all worry about money? What makes money so important? Though money is also made from paper, yet this paper is so different! It is everybody's worry. The rich,the very rich and the poor! We all worry about it! Do you make money or do you some how have money? Many people works so much to have money, some people work so little to make money.Some others said that they are working smart for money!
How can anyone have money? Work for it, beg for it, steal it, get dashed some money.
What makes money so important? Food, clothing, shelter & transportation.
Who makes money so important? The larger society.
What are the consequences of lack of money? Lack of food, clothes,shelter and transportation.
What happens if you constantly lack food, clothing, shelter and transportation You are hungry,angry, homeless, awful and frustrated
What would you do If you cant have money? Look for a job? become a begger, go into prostitution, or go into crimes.
Can we de-emphasize everbody's worry? Yes. If the larger society can agree on a world wide principle of a big brother, big sister, big uncle etcetera
If we can take this bold step, we are on the way to curing the money worry!
Though in some developed countries their citizens dont really need to work to get food, clothes, shelter & transportation, they still live with money worry because they want to have the real money. And the real money comes from having not just a job,you have to have a very big job! This is why everybody wants to work with/for the multinationals! Go into politics or do big time trading!
How can we use the big brother, big this, big that factors? Look out for it in my next blog titled 'Back to square one'

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Robin Renee Sanders: 'A Revolutionary Ambassador'

Robin Renee Sanders
A Revolutionary Ambassador

Though Mr Whitney M.Young a Civil rights leader died in Lagos while in the country to promote human rights and understanding, never had the position of the United States Ambassdaor to Nigeria caused an uproar like the time of Ambassador Walter Carrington who was the US Ambssador to Nigeria at the the critical time of the now famous Nigeria's political slogan June12,1993.
An election adjudged by all and sundry to be the fairest to be held in Nigeria was annuled by the then self acclaimed military president, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. The annulment caused a lot of local and
international brouhaha. Ibrahim Badamasi Babagida was forced to step aside from the position of Head of state. An interim government was installed against public out cry The man who was assumed to have won the elections,Bashorun M.K.O. Abiola was on the other hand cavassing local and international supports to help him claim his mandate. Late General Sani Abacha,by virtue of General Babangida's resignation became the most senior officer in the rank and file of the Nigerian Army. True to the expectations of public affairs analysts,General Sani Abacha seized power from the Interim government led by Chief Ernest Shonekan. GeneralSanni Abacha quickly ordered the arrest of Chief M.k.O. Abiola in Lagos.
The civil right activists in Nigeria waded into action. They were able to convince the entire Nigerian populace to embark on a prolonged civil disobedience. All the banks were closed for several weeks, civil servants, private and other corporate workers were all on strike and telling the
Abacha government that on June 12 they stand! The military govenment responded by acting armed to the teeth as many Nigerians lost their lives over the June 12 issue.
Chief Gani Fawehinmi, a fiery lawyer and human rights activist ,Chief Femi Falana, Professor Wole Soyinka, famous Nigerian writer and play wright and the first African to win a Nobel prize in Literature and other activists were at the forefront of the battle to force the military out and install the winner of the June 12 elections.
It would be very right to say that Ambassador Walter Carrington who fought alongside the human rights activists provided Nigeria the needed gate way into a new era of democracy.

In November,2007 a new United States Ambassador arrives in Nigeria.Her memorable handshake with the President of Nigeria, Late Umaru Musa Yar'Adua and the warm smiles that dotted her beautiful face were full of promises. President Yar'Adua smiles back with his traditional wide grin. Dr Robin Renee Sanders was perhaps saying 'Mr President- Here comes The Renee with a large American heart!
At a posture that looks like six feet tall, dreamy eyes, toothy smiles and a traditional African hair braid,Robin Renee Sanders landed on Nigeria. In the 18th century during the scramble into Africa, the
then colonialists landed on African soil with the three Bs. The Book. The Bread. The Bullet. The Emirs, The Obis, The Obas were hard hit by their three political weapons. The book,the bread and the
bullet conquered the hearts of the low and the mighty across Africa and the continent was never the same again! They scared with their bullets, fed Africans with their bread and In doctrinate them with their books.Mary Slessor abolished the killing of twins in Calabar, South -East, Nigeria.The Colonialists abolished the worship of Idols and waded into inter tribal wars in many African states.

Dr Robin Renee Sanders, the first female US Ambassador to Nigeria came with just one alphabet. The American 'G'. She came with the popular American Gospel of a giver country. Between November, 2007 and July, 2010, never had an American Ambassador given so much to Nigeria!

Apart from European Union (EU) which is a composition of twenty seven (27) countries, the United States of America is the largest donor/giver of humanitarian aids all over the world.
Dr Robin Renee Sanders has spread the American gospel to the 36 states of Nigeria. She has traversed all the lenghth and breadth of Nigeria. Exchange warm pleasantries with the Obas in the south, the Obis and Igwes in the South East and the Emirs in the North. The Talakawas and the Al-mAJIRI in the North, the Mekunu in the South West and the Umu- Ala in the South East, South west. etcetra. All these people and many Nigerians have felt the salvo from the 'GUN' of this high velocity giver!
Dr Robin Renee Sanders was conferred with the title Yeye Oba from the South West. Named Ada Mazi/Nne Oma from the South West. She put smiles on the faces of Farmers/Agriculturists. She gives hope to the Nigerian children in school and sensitize the parents of the Nigerian Children of school age, who are not in school. She cares for the Nigerian police. She acted to secure the Nigerian Airports and Air travellers. More importantly she is still networking to ensure that there is a boost in electricity generation to the Nigerian populace.
She liaze with health carers/ providers in Nigeria to compliment health care delivery .

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is America Islamophobic?

My  initial  thought and response to the above titled as seen in  the Time Magazine August 30, 2010 edition was, could America be Islamophobic? After a brainstorming and my journey into history, I would like to respond  in the  negative- NO, America is not Islamophobic! In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terror attack when  there was so much anguish in the land, when all Americans were really angry; at a time when people could really vent their spleen on Islam President George Walker Bush  cleared Islam  from the mess of the terrorist attack. He said that there are so many Americans who are quietly practising Islam in the United States of America.Sequel to the terror attack,many people in America found it difficult to seperate the chaff of  the Osama Bin Laden type of Islam from the whiff of the peaceful,Non- violent and true Islam. Yet Americans knew it in their heart of hearts that there is a  huge difference between Islam and terrorism. It was no suprise, that afterwards, many Americans started researching into Arabic Language & Islam.  One American guy who was on holy pilgrimage to Mecca was asked- What are you doing in Mecca, we thought that Americans now hate Islam. He said that he wondered why anyone would want  to commit suicide and also kill other people, so he decided to find out! Today,with young,open-hearted& very Intelligent Americans like Missionary Hanif Azhar in Islam, America have a  big stake in Islam and therefore can not be Islamophobic.
The  Islamic corner or Mosque proposed for Ground Zero at Park 51, and  whatever happens to it can not give or label America as Islamophobic.......