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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Murtaza Micky Yusuf: Boko Is A Bloody HARAM

Murtaza Micky Yusuf: Boko Is A Bloody HARAM:   www.amazon.com/dp/B00NMGFVOY "Boko Is A Bloody HARAM" The Boko haram poses a grave danger to Nigeria   www.amazon.com/dp/B00NMGFVOY     

Boko Is A Bloody HARAM

www.amazon.com/dp/B00NMGFVOY "Boko Is A Bloody HARAM" The Boko haram poses a grave danger to Nigeria and the rest of the world! Read the excerpts of this book online and Grab your copy NOW!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Murtaza Micky Yusuf: I weep for thee oh Chibok.......

Murtaza Micky Yusuf: I weep for thee oh Chibok.......: ...

I weep for thee oh Chibok.......

I weep for thee oh Chibok Oh My beloved Chibok Oh, my daughters How I missed you CHIBOK Eyes stared in disbelief A mouth wide agape The Ear is bombarded In an endless forays Sounds of increased tempo Mothers are wailing Fathers can't sleep Girls&boys worry The heart rumbles Anguish filled the air Protesters filled the streers #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS What a social media buzz A Nationwide log jam When the Executive wields no power An Army that can't shoot A disjointed faceless forces Citizens can't be wrong Come back home Chibok ~MurtaZa Micky Yusuf

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Power Absolute A serenity up root A beauty scar A blood flow in the Oil City Alas a Garden thorn A Woman power drunk A Usurpation horse bestrides A multitude stranded cowed A Daylight invasion armed An Armed to the teeth A force of brash arrogance A peace of graveyard pervades A people divided, a loyalty scorned A Lion in hands akimbo A wolf wolfs the sheep The Elephant tusked off the Wolf MurtaZa Micky Yusuf~MICKYJ0J0 Nigerian Centenary Celebration: A show of shame-- Who can dare you- Power show of shame-- Arrogance is their Trade Mark-- Ignorance is an Achilles heels-- Egocentric unites- Tribes and inordinate ambition- Vanish into thin air-- Dancing on cold blood murder-- Innocent souls deprived-- Power speaks pride-- Who can dare us~ MurtaZa Micky Yusuf~MICKYJOJO A NEW REGIME They fired no shots No one elects them Possessors of mighty hands What a stranger than fiction 20billion amiss Whodunit The town crier asks A mighty voice quiets him‪ #‎WhereIsOurMoney‬ The whole town is buzzing As the pump goes dry Everyone panics Cars on queue The queue gets long Everyone goes trekking A feast of black markets Swindler Young folks and jerry cans Uniformed men wield a horse whip A solemn heart moved to tears The Federal Republic of NNPC~ Murtaza Micky Yusuf

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A fools resort.......

A Fools resort---- The thick wind of the cloudy afternoon got many commuters scrambling for shade, safety or anywhere and anything, away from the rain--Then like a scene from a James Bond 007 movies, some creepy movements got everyone's attention--- as the creepy sounds withers away--A loud sounds of people sprinting on high-heeled shoes ran so close--A car drove by hooting as the unknown people exchanged banters and tantrums-A dead silence pervades the air- Something is going on! The rain pours on! Some people started talking, not nearby, far away-the effects is so near-- yet the voice sounds so strange--What is this? Who are these people? The elderly man clutching his walking stick shouted with his coarse voice What is happening over there? Don't you people have something better to do with your lives? Who and what a response! The strange voices grows with more scathing effects---(To be continued) The elderly man staggers again to a tight corner of the over crowded shelter,filled twice to its capacity, by many folks, taking a cover from the rain! He latches on to his cell phone and make a call-- Then, he murmurs for a while--it seems something was amiss! Meanwhile a young folk has just ran inside the heavy rain to have his pee, a few meters away, and ran back, panting! He said 'Do you guys know what I overheard when I went out- A certain man was speaking on phone to the police, about us-- What? Ehn! - rent the air-- Give me the green bag over there! One of the young folks said to the folk, that gave them the information! In the twinkling of an eye- a loud bang roars! And before you will say Jack Robinson, shouts, cries and scamper for safety became a new order--Then some siren horny vehicles drove into the arena in quick turns-- The police waded in, the elderly man who sells agro-allied items in his shop was seen helping the police with useful information! The place where sounds of pornography and horror sounds and voices were heard, was found lock- Alas, the elderly man sighs--"Officer, Oh, no! Those people were here--we heard funny voices of the girls screaming-- "Officers I wish you were here, the cries and screaming was too much--We feared that the girls might die! The police officers busted into laughter-- A pack of condom and pornography CD were found by the police few meters away-- Murtaza Micky Yusuf www.mickyjojo-murtazamickyyusuf.blogspot.com mickyoxx@yahoo.com

Friday, January 17, 2014


NELSON ROLIHLAHLA MANDELA: An Ode To The Madiba- MurtaZa Micky Yusuf http://t.co/VER8Vvc7DM