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Friday, October 29, 2010

Paul:The famous psychic Octopus.......


Though I am working on a different blog titled 'Back to square one' the demise of Paul the famous psychic Octopus can not be ignored! The soccer world can not forget in a hurry how Paul thrilled us to a thrilling spectacle, last summer during the first world cup held on African soil. Though Paul lived at a museum at Oberhauzeum in Germany;and petted by the German National team, his infallible predictions about the outcome of all the matches played by the Budweiser,German national team made him an instant 'GOD' so to speak!Paul became even more popular with the prediction of the final match between the La furia roja, the spanish, national team and the Netherland.Many people thought that the Netherland national team should be third time lucky.They have played twice at the final of the world cup, in 1974 and 1978,but they have never won the world cup! Spain have never played in the final match of a world cup. The best they have done was in the semi-final, long time ago! so the Netherland supporters just wont accept Paul's prediction! One of them told me that 'I am suporting Netherland to win the world cup this time', i dont care about what Paul, the Octopus said, in fact I am going to battle with him spiritually! I smiled! Look at the passion of the Football/soccer enthusiast. He is not even a citizen of Netherland, He is Nigerian!

Interestingly Paul's prediction came true, the match was explosive, yet Spain beat Netherland 1-0 to pick their first ever world cup. Unbelievable how could an animal be so accurate!Paul gave the first world cup on African soil a befitting side attraction!The spanish national team thanked Paul for believing in them. They wanted Paul transferred to Spain at any costs that may be demanded by the owners of Oberhauzeum, in Germany. I think Paul has thought us that humans should learn to uphold animal rights!

We must realize that caring for any harmless creature that has life is a task that must be done alwayz, and we could be rewarded like Paul did to Soccer lovers all over the world! The owners of the museum where Paul lived are planning to erect a permanent tomb for PAUL. I cant wait to see Paul's tomb in Germany! If you were asked to write an Epitaph for Paul? What would you write?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New blog order

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With the avalanche of readable blogs on the internet,the creation of personalized web ME, besides the additional commercial value for the blogger,the advertizers and the products, there is no doubt that something is anew, and it is in the air! Little wonder many people from all walks of life are now blogging.It is a universal platform for everyone to air their views,Un censored, Un fettered, yet rewarding! Every decade really has its invention! In the 70s it was the microwave, In the 80s it was the cell phones/VCR. In the 90s it was the Computer/Internet.In 2000, at the turn of a new millenium it was the health care products and In 2010,i think. I am thinking fast, that,it is a new blog order!In those decades, no lifestyle was complete without any of these gadgets! I am not suprised that the same phenomenon is scheming out now. Businesses,Institutions, religous, Academia,print/Electronic media, dating sites, diplomats and of course other individuals are now blogging!Blogging is really good, especially for those voices that ordinarily wont be heard,for the oppressed and the deprived in every communty to scream at their assailants, to do at least a micro blog to air their views and get solutions to their problems.Since the creation of Universal declaration of human rights was adopted by the UN in 1948,especially on human rights to freedom of expression, it is a new blog order that is really fitting to the real freedom of expression!Before now an aggrieved cant really be heard! Though the Print/Electronic media have platforms for peoples opinion,the media is sometimes censored and gagged by goverment! The media may even stifle or distort peoples opinion.Now with a new blog order, blogs are easy and free tool for public opinion! There has never been a blog black out,so to speak! LOL.It is a new place to be!Little wonder,Bill Gates,the richest man in the world and the founder of Microsoft,said that the 'Internet is the gold rush of today, If your business is not there, you are not yet in business'

Friday, October 22, 2010

Everybody's worry.........................................................................................................

Why do we all worry about money? What makes money so important? Though money is also made from paper, yet this paper is so different! It is everybody's worry. The rich,the very rich and the poor! We all worry about it! Do you make money or do you some how have money? Many people works so much to have money, some people work so little to make money.Some others said that they are working smart for money!
How can anyone have money? Work for it, beg for it, steal it, get dashed some money.
What makes money so important? Food, clothing, shelter & transportation.
Who makes money so important? The larger society.
What are the consequences of lack of money? Lack of food, clothes,shelter and transportation.
What happens if you constantly lack food, clothing, shelter and transportation You are hungry,angry, homeless, awful and frustrated
What would you do If you cant have money? Look for a job? become a begger, go into prostitution, or go into crimes.
Can we de-emphasize everbody's worry? Yes. If the larger society can agree on a world wide principle of a big brother, big sister, big uncle etcetera
If we can take this bold step, we are on the way to curing the money worry!
Though in some developed countries their citizens dont really need to work to get food, clothes, shelter & transportation, they still live with money worry because they want to have the real money. And the real money comes from having not just a job,you have to have a very big job! This is why everybody wants to work with/for the multinationals! Go into politics or do big time trading!
How can we use the big brother, big this, big that factors? Look out for it in my next blog titled 'Back to square one'