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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti: A phenomenon of an Uncommon status.......

Fela's music,lifestyle and human rights activism have all endeared him to millions of Nigerians and people around the world. The maverick,enigmatic and irresistible musician,makes good music, he defined for himself an incredible lifestyle and he just couldn't stop thinking,close his eyes and of course can't shut his mouth and let corruption,injustice and poverty rule in the Nigerian society and in Africa. In other words,Fela won't let the man die in him, as Professor Wole Soyinka,his cousin narrated in his well-known book titled 'The man Died' Fela Anikulapo-Kuti was born on 15th October 1938 into the famous and influential Ransome Kuti family.He had his early education in Abeokuta and later went to London to study music instead of medicine that he originally came to study in London. Fela was soon back in Nigeria. It seemed that his African beliefs couldn't stand the Europeaness of London. Fela was always making good music! His popular songs Zombie,Beast of no nation,suffering and smiling and Confusion Break bone were all products of a visionary,prophetic and exemplary leadership. Many Nigerians could clearly see that Fela cared a lot for the Nigerian masses and all the downtrodden in Africa and around the world. Today When Nigerians reflect on the political, economic, and ethnicity, problems plaguing Nigeria, Fela is the the first name that would come out of many Nigerian lips! Everything Fela Anikulapo-Kuti said about Nigeria have been fulfilled. No wonder Fela was always clashing with the Nigerian Soldiers,who did everything to break him but all their efforts went into futility. Fela didn't just hate the military for hate sake,he was just a down-to earth Nigerian and an ardent lover of the Nigerian people.NO sooner the democratic process was partially restored in 1992 and the popular June 12 1993 mandate of the widely acclaimed winner, Chief M.K.O. Abiola was annulled by the head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida, and bastardized by some politicians,than Fela called it DemonCrazy! Demonstration of craze, crazy demonstration. If he had lived in the 5th century, Fela could have been named as one of the African gods!His personality was beyond the ordinary, so he was named 'Abami Eda' 'Orisha'. No wonder an Italian came to Nigeria to ask for some Fela's clothes because he would like to worship Fela. Fela's music, lifestyle,courage and human rights activism have written his name in GOLD for posterity. Fela is this writer Nigeria's number one celebrity.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ramadan Rhythm: Dedicted to Sultan Qalam: Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as))

• 'O ye who believe! Fasting was prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you. So that you may guard against evil' Qur'an Chapter 2 V 183. • In the twinkling of an eye • The glorious month is nigh and bright. • Shining and Sparkling Stars • Dawn of Silver rosaries • Of silver glasses and food vessels • The Muezzin call of Sahur and Iftar • The mutual duo • The glorious Qur'an and its reciters • The long Queue of faithfuls • In a soldierly manner inclined • And a sonorous delightful chorus • Clusters of moonlight admonition • A token of night sleep • The mosque and its numerous visitors • of blessings in torrents descend • Evil deeds and the magnifying forgiver • Lo! Of Satan in chains barred • The hell and its closed doors • Of Angels in celestial eminence • Hovering around the lower heaven • A free gift of the hour • Treatise of outpouring revelation • The faithfuls all ears poised • Of the days in rows of majesty • And the night in rows of eminence • Colors of numerous delight • Of service and bounteous rewards • Strength unto Strength • Of kiddies Male and Female folks • Old and young faithfuls • Spice of endless fun • Of the heavens and its special bounties • The Pious and their deeds • Mankind and the renewed Destiny • The Qur'an and its oft repeated verses • Fore runner of the man's speeches • Coated in Holy oil • And his practices scroll in indelible ink • Worship and vitality • Scenes of fervent out pour • Prayers and praises unusual • Prayers and praises Unusual • Days of renowned mercies • Night of colored spectacles • The scribes and their records • Fasting is like a skillful surgeon • Healing of all ailment • And a new life adorned • Like a show of majestic deliverance • Of multitudes in Awe of the dreadful day • The day of universal standing • Pangs of hunger nonetheless • With love they rode • In their spiritual planes • Speed of limitless reckoning • A decree of individual capacity • And signs of mutual accord • Of the faithfuls • And their great Allah • Of a creed well scribed • A people well guided • On a path not easy • Courage and perseverance • Love and truthfulness • Of service and humility • The attribute of honor • Of a life soaked in repentance • Yearning for His merciful glances • Of endless joy and celebration • Fruit of belief • The hidden and the seen • Prayer in ceaseless fashion • Of task beyond imagination • Of man and his desires • Hard work and hope • Of sacred words revered • In glowing tones echo • Admonishing from the exalted throne • Of warning and glad tidings • Eternal flocks and a merciful shepherd • Author> Murtaza Micky Malik Morakinyo Yusuf • P.S. A paper back of this book is already published.You can obtain it in Lagos,Calabar and Abuja. • Please call 08023540547.08032652057.BB PIN:(2595EB8D).