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Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Canaan city

Oh Calabar the Canaan city
The land of beautiful virgins
Of beauty color and glamour
A rich cultural heritage
Ageless tradition
Of Efik fashion & style
A Tongue twister language
The Colourful Ekpe dancers
Gyration of beauty & brawn
The home of monarchial Obong
Of Akpan Bassey, Essien,Edem, Eyo & Ita
Onari, Uduak,nkoyo & their sensational beauty
Irrestisible sweet Edikaikang
Delicious and sumptious Affang
A long tradition of cleanliness
Service and honesty
Donald Duke and his distinguished services
Liyel Imoke and his double honours
A first class Tourist destination
Obudu the cattle ranch of wonder
Tinapa the FUNTASTIC galore

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