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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is America Islamophobic?

My  initial  thought and response to the above titled as seen in  the Time Magazine August 30, 2010 edition was, could America be Islamophobic? After a brainstorming and my journey into history, I would like to respond  in the  negative- NO, America is not Islamophobic! In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terror attack when  there was so much anguish in the land, when all Americans were really angry; at a time when people could really vent their spleen on Islam President George Walker Bush  cleared Islam  from the mess of the terrorist attack. He said that there are so many Americans who are quietly practising Islam in the United States of America.Sequel to the terror attack,many people in America found it difficult to seperate the chaff of  the Osama Bin Laden type of Islam from the whiff of the peaceful,Non- violent and true Islam. Yet Americans knew it in their heart of hearts that there is a  huge difference between Islam and terrorism. It was no suprise, that afterwards, many Americans started researching into Arabic Language & Islam.  One American guy who was on holy pilgrimage to Mecca was asked- What are you doing in Mecca, we thought that Americans now hate Islam. He said that he wondered why anyone would want  to commit suicide and also kill other people, so he decided to find out! Today,with young,open-hearted& very Intelligent Americans like Missionary Hanif Azhar in Islam, America have a  big stake in Islam and therefore can not be Islamophobic.
The  Islamic corner or Mosque proposed for Ground Zero at Park 51, and  whatever happens to it can not give or label America as Islamophobic.......

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