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Friday, October 22, 2010

Everybody's worry.........................................................................................................

Why do we all worry about money? What makes money so important? Though money is also made from paper, yet this paper is so different! It is everybody's worry. The rich,the very rich and the poor! We all worry about it! Do you make money or do you some how have money? Many people works so much to have money, some people work so little to make money.Some others said that they are working smart for money!
How can anyone have money? Work for it, beg for it, steal it, get dashed some money.
What makes money so important? Food, clothing, shelter & transportation.
Who makes money so important? The larger society.
What are the consequences of lack of money? Lack of food, clothes,shelter and transportation.
What happens if you constantly lack food, clothing, shelter and transportation You are hungry,angry, homeless, awful and frustrated
What would you do If you cant have money? Look for a job? become a begger, go into prostitution, or go into crimes.
Can we de-emphasize everbody's worry? Yes. If the larger society can agree on a world wide principle of a big brother, big sister, big uncle etcetera
If we can take this bold step, we are on the way to curing the money worry!
Though in some developed countries their citizens dont really need to work to get food, clothes, shelter & transportation, they still live with money worry because they want to have the real money. And the real money comes from having not just a job,you have to have a very big job! This is why everybody wants to work with/for the multinationals! Go into politics or do big time trading!
How can we use the big brother, big this, big that factors? Look out for it in my next blog titled 'Back to square one'

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