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Friday, May 6, 2016

The Creek is dirt-- An attitude of un cleanliness--- The Creek is a dead sea--- Neither fish nor humans can live on it-- The Creek is now a caricature of its once bubbling looks-- When the Creek people farm and live on its rich treasures A King Kong once lived there-- He once lived a desolate life in the Creeks-- Then he started beating a drum a war-- He raised a Creek army-- He puts his gun on the food basket-- His gun sheds blood, tears and sorrow-- He kidnapped for a ransom-- He laid his arms on a Silver plate-- He filled his food plate full-- He becomes an overnight money man-- No more overnight bus hike-- He quickly forgets the Creek long suffering-- He forgets the labor of heroes past-- The Creek King Kong builds a Castle in the air-- A prodigal son brings no good-- The Creek is still lifeless and dirty--- ~Murtaza Micky Yusuf~I dedicate this poem to Kenule Ken SaroWiwa~The Late Ogoni1 of blessed memory--

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