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Friday, January 30, 2015

TEN Reasons to Vote Muhammadu BUHARI......

Here are TEN reasons to Vote General Muhammadu Buhari....... The place of Muhammadu Buhari in the Nigerian democracy, since the fourth republic kicked off in 1999, his awesome acceptance in the Northern Nigeria, his doggedness and perseverance are a text book delight! No wonder the combination of the three parties that created the All Progressives Congress,unanimously chose him as the party Presidential candidate for the 2015 Presidential polls------ Buhari's 10 achievement while in office-- \- 1-He reduced inflation rate 2. He introduced WAI-War Against Indiscipline- 3- He generates revenue for Nigeria through counter trade- 4-He quell insurgent from Chad and The Maitasine-- 5- He paid off Nigeria's $50m debt-- 6- He fought corruption and jailed corrupt politicians--7-Price reduction of goods and services 8-promotes Agriculture and Industry,by encouraging the importation of raw materials for Agric and industry. 9- Introduction of small workforce and cutting cost in the Civil service- 10-He stopped bunkering and oil theft and declare open the Warri refinery ~MurtaZa Micky Yusuf

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