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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prophetic President Barack Obama.......

The coming of President Barack Obama as the President,United States of America, the very first black man to occupy the White house; was prophetic. Just like the coming of all prophets sent with a special mission and whose comings were usually heralded with pomp and fanfare, that was exactly how President Obama was welcomed to the American Presidency.The coming of Moses was celebrated because the Israelites were in bondage and they needed someone with the capacity of Moses to deliver them from the hands of Pharaoh.And they got exactly what they wanted.Though they accepted Moses as their prophet,they later started questioning and doubting him.It was a torrid encounter,but the Israelites were eventually delivered from bondage.The Israelites later became ingrates, made a calf in the absence of Moses and worshiped a calf. Jesus Christ the messiah's coming was also heralded with fanfare, because he came at exactly when the Israelites needed someone with his capacity to chart a new path for them.The new path was new but it was all embracing and it will eventually give every Israelite a new life.BUT it was obvious the Israelites wanted to continue with their old lifestyle that could only lead to destruction.Prophet Muhammad's coming was also heralded with pomp and fanfare because he came at at time Arabia was at his lowest ebb in morality and Godliness.When the euphoria of his coming was all gone,his immediate family members and chiefs of the city of Mecca were his worst adversaries.It was a group one could call lowly people who accepted Muhammad's message.The challenges that Prophet Muhammad had to face became very enormous. At a time it appeared as if GOD never sent him or He had abandoned him.Some people then started doubting his mission. Prophet Muhammad held on to his sacred teachings. His faith in GOD paid off and Muhammad brought a huge change to Mecca and Medina cities. The message also spread to Persia and other distant lands and to the rest of the world. President Barack Obama is a prophetic president of United States of America.He came with a mission for a Change that American can afford.At a time all Americans would agree that they really wanted a change!They needed the capacity of a new fresh breathe like President Obama. Though the goings are getting tougher by the day,President Obama knows that he is got to get going! Like the prophets of the days of yore, President Obama's strength was his acceptance by the lowly,the Middle-class and women. He creates the enabling environment for the highly people to excel and earn money,he then urged the very highly folks to contribute a token for the maintenance of the lowly people.A mission of caring for the lowly people from the generosity and luxury of the very highly people! President Obama knows that the stronger the institution the better for the American economy and benefits of the whole world.The defining moments are here for President Barack Obama and the people of America. Isn't it better to go forward with the change that President Obama keeps proving that it's a better path for the United States of America to toe than an unknown,untried path that leads no where? The turn around of the economy in the last few months especially in October,2012 as the U.S. economy added 171,000 jobs, well above what the economists had expected is a testimony of how prophetic change is brought about by some somewhat unseen forces.This laudable job growth is a ray of hope and a signal that If the Americans stick with President Barack Obama for the next four years,The Obama administration will put the U.S. economy back on sound footing,incapacitate terrorism in America and around the world,and open a new vista of social and economic development all over the world.NOW will you vote for an unknown and unacceptable economic philosophy that has failed the American people in the past, or vote for a well-known and trusted economic policy that is slowly yielding dividends?? It is up to Americans to decide the next future of America!Like a prophetic change, the coming of President Barack Obama cuts across racial and religious divide. That is the all embracing and exemplary lifestyle that the American people should continue to showcase to the world.In a global village where America is look up to by many people elsewhere,i think the people of America will continue to vote on party lines but never on racial or religious divide. Just like Obama's acceptance was all embracing, his economic policy has also been all embracing! He cared enough for the affluent Americans by providing the enabling environment for them to make more money and give a chunk of it for the benefits of the poor and the needy. He cared so much for the lowly people, children and women that despite their poor economic condition,they will continue to be an important factor in America and saved them from being alienated from the American society. The major problem of the world's economy,including America's,is greed and sheer reluctance of the affluent to give just a mere chunk of their money to take care of the needy. Qaroon was destroyed for his greed during the era of Moses. 'It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle,than for a rich man to see the kingdom of GOD' became the illustrious quote of Jesus Christ, the messiah during the era of Jesus and Musuluman and his people eventually perished in the era of Prophet Muhammad and his first successor Abubakar Siddiq,because they refused to pay the Zakat- a tax levied on the rich Muslims to take care of the needy Muslims. If politics is expression of economics,the world economy will thrive if a new economic world order of caring for the needy from the affluence of the wealthy people is adopted.In a perilous times like this,at a time of global economic melt down,which has downsize the the world economy by 75% and at a time of Super storm Sandy,our world can only bounce back to life through an all embracing economic policy that is not just masses driven,it is also what i called masses economic-prosperity proven.That seems to be the basic definition of President Obama's economic thrust. Will America go forward with Obama or dare into the unknown?We cant afford to make a choice that will unruly divide the American people.The choice is yours!

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