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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Muhammad Rasulullah -The messenger of GOD sent to all peoples all over the world..(PBUH)

In the wake of the recent upheavals over the making of a new video which paints Muhammad,the messenger of GOD in dark colors by an American,this writer posts just a few lines on Facebook and did a single tweet to describe what exactly Muhammad stood for through out his life time. In the holy Qur'an,Allah says, 'We have not sent thee Muhammad,(PBUH)but as a mercy to the entire world'. Then during his life time,Muhammad demonstrated the love for humanity irrespective of their race or creed. He said no individual or race is superior to the others in respect of color or a noble birth or in terms of wealth.Muhammad always reiterates the word of GOD in the Qur'an which reads 'The most honored among you is the one who fears GOD more than others' He loves the Jews, the Christians and even the disbelievers and he dealt with them with justice and equity.So much that he dictated to one of his companions to write a covenant between the Muslims of his time and the Christians.The covenant reads 'In the name of Allah and from Muhammad,The messenger of Allah. 'No bishop shall be removed from his bishopry .No monk shall shall be removed from his monastery.No Muslims should fight a Christian. No Muslims should destroy a church or pick a part of a church to build a mosque. This covenant stands till the day of judgement and any Muslim who contravenes it shall be liable on the day of judgement' Muhammad(PBUH) lived in the 7th century at a time similar to our own 21st century. He lived first in Mecca where he got the divine call and later moved to the city of Medina,where he lived in the midst of the Jews,Christians and the disbelievers. Muhammad,the messenger of GOD was taunted, he was mocked at and even stoned to the point of fainting,but he never raised a finger against his assailants.When Angel Gabriel told him that GOD has sent with him the messenger in charge of the mountains,in case he was interested in using them against his enemies.Muhammad(PBUH) decline to avenge the evil they did to him,he instead;prayed to God. He said 'O GOD guide my people aright,they are ignorant people' More to come ...*When completed i hope to distribute copies to all and sundry,so whoever cares to distribute has my permission to do it# Thank you

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