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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ramadan Rhythm: Dedicted to Sultan Qalam: Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as))

• 'O ye who believe! Fasting was prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you. So that you may guard against evil' Qur'an Chapter 2 V 183. • In the twinkling of an eye • The glorious month is nigh and bright. • Shining and Sparkling Stars • Dawn of Silver rosaries • Of silver glasses and food vessels • The Muezzin call of Sahur and Iftar • The mutual duo • The glorious Qur'an and its reciters • The long Queue of faithfuls • In a soldierly manner inclined • And a sonorous delightful chorus • Clusters of moonlight admonition • A token of night sleep • The mosque and its numerous visitors • of blessings in torrents descend • Evil deeds and the magnifying forgiver • Lo! Of Satan in chains barred • The hell and its closed doors • Of Angels in celestial eminence • Hovering around the lower heaven • A free gift of the hour • Treatise of outpouring revelation • The faithfuls all ears poised • Of the days in rows of majesty • And the night in rows of eminence • Colors of numerous delight • Of service and bounteous rewards • Strength unto Strength • Of kiddies Male and Female folks • Old and young faithfuls • Spice of endless fun • Of the heavens and its special bounties • The Pious and their deeds • Mankind and the renewed Destiny • The Qur'an and its oft repeated verses • Fore runner of the man's speeches • Coated in Holy oil • And his practices scroll in indelible ink • Worship and vitality • Scenes of fervent out pour • Prayers and praises unusual • Prayers and praises Unusual • Days of renowned mercies • Night of colored spectacles • The scribes and their records • Fasting is like a skillful surgeon • Healing of all ailment • And a new life adorned • Like a show of majestic deliverance • Of multitudes in Awe of the dreadful day • The day of universal standing • Pangs of hunger nonetheless • With love they rode • In their spiritual planes • Speed of limitless reckoning • A decree of individual capacity • And signs of mutual accord • Of the faithfuls • And their great Allah • Of a creed well scribed • A people well guided • On a path not easy • Courage and perseverance • Love and truthfulness • Of service and humility • The attribute of honor • Of a life soaked in repentance • Yearning for His merciful glances • Of endless joy and celebration • Fruit of belief • The hidden and the seen • Prayer in ceaseless fashion • Of task beyond imagination • Of man and his desires • Hard work and hope • Of sacred words revered • In glowing tones echo • Admonishing from the exalted throne • Of warning and glad tidings • Eternal flocks and a merciful shepherd • Author> Murtaza Micky Malik Morakinyo Yusuf • P.S. A paper back of this book is already published.You can obtain it in Lagos,Calabar and Abuja. • Please call 08023540547.08032652057.BB PIN:(2595EB8D).

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