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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Facebook and a one billion dollar event.......

What is a one billion dollar idea? If I post the question to Mr Mark Zuckerberg,co-founder of Facebook and winner of Time Magazine Man of the year 2010,his answer might be Facebook.A social dating site which is now the most popular network for people from all walks of life all over the world.Since June,2010, there are more than 500,000,000 million people registered on face book.It is one place you want your face to be seen,your voice to be heard and your business to be advertised and known.If i may juxtapose the beautiful words of Mr Bill Gates,a long time richest man in the world,what he said about the internet,i would say 'Facebook is the gold rush of today;if your face is not there,you are not yet in business'. This is why almost all computer literate people are on facebook or will potentially be. The A-list Movie, music, sports,fashion and the entire entertainment arena are on Facebook.Engineers,scientists,diplomats,politicians,captains of Industry,top class adminstrators,documentarians,writers,authors,bloggers,students and other ordinary folks on the streets make facebook the tick-tock of the internet.

Introducing The Face of the People Awards: On a website that has millions of celebrity subscribers,several million celebrity wannabe and thousands of other users,a symbiotic experience has become a regular feature on facebook. So many celebrity wannabe like this writer and many ordinary folks are liking many A-list celebrities and the celebrities are also liking them back in return.Despite their very tight schedules,these celebrities still find time to stay in touch with their fans on facebook.

Some of them have now been chosen as the face of the people/ masses on facebook. Britney Spears,the enigmatic songstress and her beautiful music spears and Babatunde Raji Fashola,Governor, Lagos state,Nigeria are top on the list. They are followed by Venus williams,Serena Williams,Selena Gomez and Justin Bieberz.
The awards will be in three categories. 1,Face of the people Awards 2010 (male&female)
2,Face friend in common (male &female)
3,Face finest (male&female)
Ceremonies will hold in four very beautiful Nigerian cities. Lagos,Abuja, Calabar and Portharcourt.
Please support this novel idea. Sponsor this event,talk about this event,advertise this event and tell a friend about it.
Introduce a sponsor/Rewards- One lucky guy and two lucky girls/ladies will get an all expenses paid trip to the events in Nigeria if they could inroduce just a sponsor each.
The events will hold on Thursday 24th- Saturday,march 26,2011.
Proceeds- One tenth of the proceeds from the event will go into charity, to support a child with autism,cancer and other disabilities.
Our finances will be audited by a reputable Nigerian firm and a multinational auditing firm.
I am a member of Joint National Associations of person with disabilities (JONAPWD) Nigeria, member of Kiva,lend a loan, and i have brought thousands of people to Kiva; member of 1 Goal for education, member Stop Child Pornography and member,the club,Federation of International Football Associations(FIFA).

If you asked this writer,what is a one billion dollar idea, he might say Face of the people Awards.
Mr Mark Zuckerberg will be invited to the event.
Call Murtaza Micky Yusuf. + 2348023540547, +2348032652057.
e-mail mickyoxx@yahoo.com

mickylo@shvoong.com (search with mickylo)

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